Regarding building materials and your health

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I’ve been testing/researching something regarding the home environment and health. It revolves around the idea that we should have an open connection with what is up and with what is down.

So, in my research, it seems that metal can block certain energies, bad ones – wifi/4/5G, but also good ones.

If I used for example some metal sheets or even aluminum roll, on my ceiling or under my bed, my sleep was affected in some ways. And my general state, as well. After a few days I concluded that is not ideal, and such materials are best not used.

But such materials are widely used, metal roofs are becoming more popular, also aluminum sheets that help with insulation are used under roofs.

Also, I descovered something strange. Certain floors have metallic proprieties. I don’t really know why or how. But I’ve felt it when I moved in a house with laminated floors – those that mimic wood but are actually particle board. It seems they have also some kind of proprieties just like a metallic sheet. I’ve read that they sometimes use some kind of aluminum oxide as a finish, to better preserve the material.

For me it certainly had some effect. As soon as I removed some of the boards under my bed, I felt and slept better.

Also, it seems that if I “block” the walls of the house/room with metal sheets/aluminum, the effect is positive. Possibly because I block Wifis/4/5G/Gps/smartmeters etc.. So I ordered a shielding paint from Yshield, will post after I use it.

I will continue to research, as I am not completely sure about my findings, but if any of you has some feedback about this, please let me know.


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