PLEASE NOTE: Until 13th December 2019 EU shipping is disabled. We are currently working on opening the EU facility. Thank you for your patience.

Hi, thanks for considering our services. We have two options for shipping. There is the basic standard shipping from USA that is done straight from Endomet Laboratories in Phoenix Arizona, and there is a special shipping option only for clients from Europe.

The basic shipping method’s price varies from very cheap for USA, to a little more for Canada, and quite a lot for Europe.

If you order to Europe or to other NON-US country and use the standard “US Shipping” method you will have to pay additional Fees and Customs separately.

For EU customers there is also a “EU Shipping” option available. By using it you choose to get the package sent from a European Union member country – Romania. You will receive the package with regular Mail service without having to pay additional Import Fees.

For any other information please contact us! 🙂