Dr. Wilson Complete Development Program incl. Hair Test


* Hair analysis, interpretation and supplement program
* Hair test is done at ARL Labs
* Interpretation by Alexandru Dragan, with comments by Josephine Zanetti and Dr. L. Wilson
* Supplement program set up by Dr. L. Wilson

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Start a Complete Dr. Wilson Development Program with Alexandru Dragan by ordering this product

This includes:

๐Ÿ“Š A hair analysis test done at ARL Labs – you will have to send the hair sample by post

๐Ÿ”ฎ The interpretation of your hair analysis result done by Alexandru Dragan, Josephine Zanetti and Dr. L. Wilson

๐Ÿ’Š The supplement program set up by Dr. L. Wilson – The Complete Development Program as he calls it on

๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ Continuous support through email and in case of emergency video/call


You will receive a PDF file containing:

  • A table with the recommended supplements set up by Dr. L. Wilson based on your hair analysis
  • The hair analysis chart graph by ARL LAB. This shows your mineral levels and your heavy metal levels.
  • Your hair analysis interpretation done by Alexandru Dragan and Josephine Zanetti with notes from Dr. Wilson. Your mineral and heavy metal levels form certain patterns. These show body’s vitality, the capacity of removing toxic metals and chemicals, stress levels, if you are in a four lows pattern, and others. The success of the program depends on how these patterns are interpreted
  • Complete updated documentation about the program – diet, lifestyle, exercise, sex, rest, meditation. The program is more than just taking supplements. It involves a very strict diet, detox procedures such as using a sauna or doing enemas, doing a meditation exercise and others. All the info will be included.


You will also get

  • Continuous e-mail support
  • Lifetime discount of 20% on supplement orders from Endo-Met Labs USA. These supplements are used on all Development Programs by Dr. Wilson.


Steps to starting a Development Program

  1. Order this product
  2. At checkout in the Order notes section please write: Full name, Sex, Age, Height, Weight, Hair color and if you are currently pregnant
  3. You will receive a Lab form with your personal details that you will have to print.
  4. Cut the hair sample, put it in a paper envelope and write on it your full name, age and sex. Link to instructions
  5. Put the hair sample envelope and the form with your details in an envelope and send it by post or courier to:
      • Analytical Research Labs Inc.
        2225 w. Alice Ave
        PO BOX 37964
        Phoenix, AZ 85069 – 7964
  6. You will have to fill an Initial Intake Form – link

After 7-10 days the Lab will process the sample and will send the results to us, I will analyze them and share them with Dr. Wilson and Josephine Zanetti, and in about 3 days your program would be ready.

Then, every 3-6 months it is recommended to have a retest to check your progress and update your protocol.


Please note: Alexandru Dragan is an Approved Helper by Dr. L. Wilson, but is not yet listed on as he is a new practitioner and is still gaining experience.


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