Dr. Wilson Nutritional Balancing Program

$150.00 $100.00


Dr. Wilson Nutritional Balancing Program

$150.00 $100.00


Nutritional balancing science is, in fact, a universal science and life path, and not a method of healing or even a method of development. Healing the body and development of the mind occur, really, as by products of following this path.

Ok so this product is basically what you need if you are serious about healing yourself and developing mentally or spiritually. There are multiple choices when you want to follow a nutritional balancing program, but I believe this is the best protocol, and probably the only one that focuses on development.

This program is set up by me (Alexandru Dragan) helped by my amazing Coach and Approved Helper Josephine Zanetti and reviewed by the creator of modern nutritional balancing Dr. Lawrence Wilson from

You will get:

  1. The ARL LAB hair test graph
  2. Supplement recommendations reviewed by Dr. Wilson
  3. Hair test interpretation with notes from Dr. Wilson if needed
  4. Pack of must-read information regarding nutritional balancing programs
  5. A lifetime 10% discount code for your purchases on

* Every 3-6 months you should have a retest to check your progress and update your protocol.

** I work with clients all over the world through email and skype or Whatsapp.

NOTE: I am an Approved Helper by Dr. L. Wilson, but I am not yet listed on the website because I am still gaining experience.


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