Tip: Use Grayscale setting on your screens

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Hi, this is a post from a series of posts that I will add based on my experience. I am not sure if you will find the ideas as I found them to be, but maybe they will be of some help and insight.

One of the tips is this: use grayscale setting/ dual color/ black & white on your computer or laptop screen and also on your phone screen. This alone will make you use the device less, be less affected by it in some unusual ways and also be more productive.

I have a feeling that if you use a retina screen for example, with very vivid colors, it somehow makes you see the reality more dull, it gets you trapped, somewhat. You can report back and let me know if I am right. Maybe it is just my experience because I used to work a lot on computers.

Please send some feedback, if possible. Best wishes!

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