The importance of removing root canal teeth and Nutritional Balancing

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I’ve been doing NB for quite some time.. around 5 years, and my progress was always slow. It was steady, but slow. I knew that sometime I will feel soo much better. But that day seemed so far away. It was a pain.

I kept hearing that one should remove root canals, I saw some documentaries about it, even Dr. Wilson told me that they recommend removing root canal teeth.

But I kept thinking well.. I will do that later, right now it’s not probably that important, and since we’re talking about a pre-molar.. I don’t want my face looking like… I want to keep smiling.

So all this until I found a paragraph in Dr. Wilson’s book around page 174 in the 2014 edition.. talking about dental issues. It said:

If you have trouble progressing on a nutritional balancing program.. think nickel dental crowns

Then it hit me: I have trouble progressing! So I removed my root canal tooth – which was made out of some metal alloys (pivot) and some ceramic with nickel and chrome backing for the crown.

After this, everything changed. I mean literally I started feeling so much better. Before I felt lost all the time, especially in big cities. EMF affected me so much more. I actually read about how implants and metals in your mouth can act as antennas etc.

Also I read somebody’s story about how he removed around 3 root canal teeth and each one removed he needed to lower thyroid med dose. Eventually after he removed all 3, he got off thyroid med.

Think about it.. So this sort of implants and maybe the infection that they make in the dead tooth affects the body so much that in that case the thyroid was almost inactive.. or maybe at cellular level. That really got me thinking.

I hope I got you thinking as well and you will get them removed or at least changed. There now exist pivots from non metal something like glass fiber and crowns made from integral ceramic. So you can change your old root canal tooth with this new type.

All the very best!

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