Sleep with your head facing North

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This is a simple tip – but very important – to improve your sleep and general wellbeing. We can also say it helps development. I overlooked this in the past, considering it is not really that important.

Other sources suggest you can sleep towards East for example, and you will gain some other influence, so on. My research indicates North is the direction.

Also, for a very good sleep, it is important you shut down WiFi at night – you should actually shut it down completely and use wires. Also switch off electrical circuit breakers from your bedroom. Also use an air purifier – preferably one that produces ozone.

Other tips would be to put a cup of oxygen peroxide near your head, on the floor or on a nightstand. This also seems to work good for me.

Well, mort importantly is to go to sleep early, Dr. Wilson suggest even 8 or 9. I honestly am happy if I can sleep at 10 PM, but if you can sleep at 9 even better.

Keeping the place as dark as possible with some good curtains is also very good and important – something I overlooked in the past, considering it is all my biochemistry.

And 3 ideas about what you can do if you wake up too early and would still want to sleep some more (and usually cannot). You can chew half of Paramin, sit in front of the red lamp sauna for 10-20 minutes, get back to bed and do the pushing down. I usually will fall back asleep if I do this. Also drink some water.

Okay, good luck with this, and sleep well. Also, keep pushing!

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