NIR (Near Infra Red) Sauna based on Dr. Wilson plans

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NOTE: This product is set to “out of stock” because I custom build these for every client. Please be free to contact me and I can give you much more information. It is a great little basic sauna.


I firstly built this type of sauna for myself, because where I’m from nobody really heard about this type of saunas and ordering it from the US was impossible considering the prices. It actually is very easy to build and is very effective. You can easily build one yourself with some patience. Click here for details.

So after building the first, then the second, and the third, now I’m confident that this model, simple as it is, does what it’s supposed to do: it shines hot red light and doing so purifies the body and even the subtle bodies.

Let me know if you need one using the contact page.

1 review for NIR (Near Infra Red) Sauna based on Dr. Wilson plans

  1. Felix

    Do you still build these? I wrote a couple of emails but no response.

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