Retest for Development Program

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Only order this product if you had a test done with us before. If you want to order your first hair test and development program, please order this product instead.

A retest is needed usually every 3-6 months. It is useful because the body chemistry should change when following a development program, so at times supplements are added, changed or removed, or maybe the diet is changed, or others.

This is a virtual product. It includes the simple hair test chart done at ARL Labs and a development supplements program set up by Dr. Larry Wilson. It also includes an interpretation of the hair test, email support.. and more ๐Ÿ™‚

After you order, please send us your age, weight, height (we should have your full name and hair color) – or if you have the lab form pdf you can modify it youself so you can send it right away.

You will have to send the envelope with the hair sample and the printed form to USA at ARL LABS. You will receive instructions on how to take the hair sample and send it.

It normally takes around 2 weeks from when you send the hair sample to get the updated protocol file.

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