Our hair analysis consulting services are:

1 – Simple hair test and interpretation (Hair Mineral Analysis test)

2 – Hair analysis and development program –ย  if you want to start a program

3 – Retest for development programs – for periodic retesting


Complete Development Program incl. Hair Test
Complete Development Program incl. Hair Test
* Hair analysis, interpretation and supplement program * Hair test is done at ARL Labs * Interpretation and recommendations individualised on the hair test by Alex Dragan, as learned in practice from Dr. Wilson
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Retest for Development Program

Only order this product if you had a test done with us before. If you want to order your first hair test and development program, please order this product instead. A retest is needed usually every 3-6 months. It is … Continued

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Sale! Hair Mineral Analysis Test
Hair Mineral Analysis Test

This is a Profile 1 HTMA Hair Mineral Analysis Test done at ARL LAB USA ๐Ÿ“ˆ You will get the hair test result graph from the Lab and a short interpretation by Alexandru Dragan. If you are looking to start … Continued

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