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Zinc by Endo-met Labs USA – 180 tablets

Development programs almost always include either Zinc or Limcomin, depending on the Na/K ratio. If the Na/K ratio is over 2.5, Zinc is usually recommended.

Zinc is a crucial element that mostly everyone lacks because of the refining of food, soil degradation, usage of fertilizers, congenital, and other reasons.

So mostly anyone needs more zinc in their system. The best way to supplement would be to order a HTMA test and know exactly if you need this product or Limcomin. Because if you have a high Na/K ratio and take this product, you might actually create more imbalance. This is a good example why taking supplements randomly doesn’t always lead to balance – not even to “feeling good”.

Also, besides Zinc, if you want to follow a basic Development program, basic essential supplements to take are: Paramin, GB-3, Kelp, TMG, Sunflower Lecithin and, a more recent addition, Nutritional Yeast.

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