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GB3 Supplement by Endomet Labs

180 caps


This digestive aid is recommended on all Nutritional Balancing programs designed by Dr. Wilson, to be taken after each meal. If you can only take one basic supplement, this is the best choice. Digestion has to come first, provided you eat the special diet for development.

GB3 Endomet contains:

  • Black radish extract
  • Cholic Acid (from ox bile)
  • Pancreatin (porcine)

 “I recommend to everyone a digestive enzyme, GB-3. It is a superb supplement.  This is the first supplement to use, and almost everyone can benefit from it.  It contains ox bile, pancreatin and dehydrocholic acid, with a little Russian black radish.

If this is used, I find other supplements are rarely needed to improve the flora.  Once in a while a probiotic is excellent, such as lactobacillus acidophilus.  A good brand is Bio-K Original in the health food store.  Many others are sometimes helpful, though I don’t use them much as they seem not to be needed in most cases if the body chemistry is balanced using a nutritional balancing program.”

Some other quotes on GB-3:

“Enhancing liver detoxification and bile flow.”

“Balancing copper and helping to remove toxic metals through the liver and colon.”

“Killing or weakening hundreds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites.”

“Digesting debris in the intestines.”

“Normalizing the pH and digestive enzyme levels in the intestines.”

“Weakening or killing some cancer cells is also possible with pancreatin.”

“Correcting many cases of constipation.”

“It is a more yang and more parasympathetic supplement than other digestive aids.”


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1 review for GB3, Endomet, 180

  1. AD

    Excellent product for digestion.. and balancing body chemistry. I use it as a most essential supplement.

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