Paramin (180) Endo-Met

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Paramin supplement manufactured by Endo-Met Labs. Paramin is formulated to provide calcium and magnesium in bioavailable form. Paramin also contains supportive nutrients including Boron and Vitamin D3

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  1. Paramin Endo-Met Laboratories USA 180 tabs

Paramin is a formula of calcium and magnesium used to supply these minerals in a bioavailable form. Everyone needs a supplement of these minerals today.

We use Paramin in all our Development programs. To get your hair tested and start a complete program click here (we work with Dr. Wilson).

Even if you don’t want to start a complete program yet, we recommend Paramin as a basic supplement, part of our Basic Free Program.

If you’re ordering from USA, Canada the parcel will be sent directly from Endo-Met Labs in AZ. If ordering from Europe the parcel will be sent from London, UK.

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