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GB-3 Supplement by Endo-met LabsUSA

180 tablets

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This digestive aid is recommended in all Nutritional Balancing programs designed by Dr. L. Wilson to be taken after each meal.

GB3 Endomet contains:

  • Black radish extract
  • Cholic Acid (from ox bile)
  • Pancreatin (porcine)

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, this supplement has the following benefits:

“Enhancing liver detoxification and bile flow.”

“Balancing copper and helping to remove toxic metals through the liver and colon.”

“Killing or weakening hundreds of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and even parasites.”

“Digesting debris in the intestines.”

“Normalizing the pH and digestive enzyme levels in the intestines.”

“Weakening or killing some cancer cells is also possible with pancreatin.”

“Correcting many cases of constipation.”

“It is a more yang and more parasympathetic supplement than other digestive aids.”

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