Nutritional Balancing and your Neighbourhood

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This is something I wanted to emphasize for some time. It is about the importance of where you live and how fast are you healing and developing yourself.

Dr. Wilson mentions this if you read closely, but some people probably do not have the time to do so or overlook this considering it not so important. I guarantee you this is extremely important. It is for me and I am sure it is for him too.

If you are serious about developing yourself you cannot live in the city-center in a high rise building, surrounded by all sorts of EMFs, pollution, stress, people, so on.

Where you should be living? Ideally, in the countryside, in a detached house, free of WiFi and with a very good and simple electrical system, with no smart meter.

I was very surprised to realise that my symptoms improved when I left the city for some mountain hike or maybe seaside fun. I made this connection and soon after I was living somewhere in the mountains, feeling much better.

Maybe this is not something anyone can do, but the main idea here is that you should try to live out of the city – maybe in the suburbs, and if possible in a detached house or at least on ground floor. Also, shut down the WiFi, ideally forever or at least at night.

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