Not just a Nutritional Program

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There is something I’m observing a lot lately and maybe it needs to be put in words out there.

This program is not just a nutritional program.. because we are not (just) our bodies. This is more like a path, where you, like it or not, become someone else. It is still you, of course, but in order for you to move on, to progress, there needs to emerge a new you. Who is actually sitting there waiting to be activated.

If you keep going back to the old you, clinging to it, you cannot progress, and you quit. You feel like something is wrong. Actually yes, there is a lot of wrong, and you need to let it go.

I guess, even in my case, people start because they want to be more powerful – sometimes. Yes you will be more powerfull but there will be less “you”. The whole idea of this power is to become a better human being, not only for your sake but for everyone’s.

So yes, if you will keep pushing down, you will feel like falling, like dissapearing – this is very confusing for me too at times. I’m like.. okay? So who am I, really? But it seems that the more you do it the more you get to understand. And also somewhat “dissapear” – that would be the false “you”.

I could write a lot about how doing this helped me. It kept me very safe. And I was in some dangerous situations a while back. And that was a clear state, but actually danger lurks everywhere these days, if you ask me. And when you are on this path – you have to be extra careful – because you will be getting more attention. And you cannot afford to slip. Dr. Wilson writes it “to those whom much is given, much is requested”. That also applies.

So yes, keep pushing down till you get to the bottom of it.

  1. Juli

    I felt this troughout my healing Journey. Same thoughts.
    Blessings to all who are brave and willing to do the work!

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