My Nutritional Balancing journey and success story

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It’s been almost 4 years now. I remember vividly that day when everything was crumbling down and my last resort was sending that hair sample. I waited more than 6 months to finally do it.. I was 95% sure it cannot all be true. This Dr. Wilson cannot be like the master of the universe, the wizard of the internet. He cannot possibly know all this very interesting information that sounds so truthful and eloquent. I couldn’t believe it.

Still, given my health problems – insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, emf sensibility, acne etc. – I had no other choice than to believe in it. And damn I am happy I did. I have been looking unconsciously for this for all my life, and I am sure every soul on this planet is looking for it… unconsciously.

Still the information he presents is getting better and better, the programs get continuous updates, though the principles remain the same. The good news I see more and more websites and people getting into Nutritional Balancing. And this can only bring greatness to mankind in the future.

Now back to my journey: from day one I’ve been in Four Lows – a horrible pattern, the worst you want to see on a hair test. It simply says that you’re almost dead.. unless you do something about it. And the best part is you have a lot of stuff you can do about it.

From then I’ve been following the diet perfectly – eating steamed vegetables every day, even in the worst conditions when I had only carrots, onions and cabbage. I do saunas every day and also coffee enemas. I (try to) meditate daily.. one day is better than the other, but the idea is the pulling down exercise or meditation is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of all this program. Really.

Why do I feel the need to shout this? Because it’s easy to do the diet, saunas etc. Well it’s far from easy but you get used to it, it becomes your routine. But with the meditation.. it’s like you have this strange “enemy” inside you that just wants to do something else, that couldn’t care less about the meditation. You do it for 2-3 days, and the next day you feel so good and you engage in so much activity and somehow you end up without having time to do your meditation.

So that’s why – do all you can to stick to it – it changes you in ways you cannot imagine. So I cannot stress too much about it.

So the years passed and my progress was sure but very slow. Still.. having a solution to my problems that actually helped meant more than everything. And also, knowing this solution is a universal one gave me much hope. I knew doing this program and encouraging others to do it will give me much joy and blessings.

And I was right, after almost 4 years on the program.. I finally am out of Four Lows, and I feel better than when I was 18. It’s hard to explain everything that’s better, because most of it is on the mental side. Maybe because the brain starts functioning so much better, and keeps sending the right responses.

My point and the point of this post is that.. if you are following the program.. keep doing it, and most importantly if you are not and you are undecided this post is for you: YOU HAVE TO START ASAP. Do anything you can.. give up sugar, or bread, or eat the veggies, whatever you can but do it. It’s very easy to build a sauna also. If I can do it I bet you can do it too.. It’s just some bulbs on a wood board. Very easy, but the results are unthinkable.

Good luck, and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. KC

    You remind me of how my future self will feel. X^D

    Very inspiring. Thanks, Alex

    • AD

      Thank you KC, I’m glad somebody read it ^^, and even more that you find it useful.

      Also I very much enjoy having you on the site! Now I really need to write some new stuff ๐Ÿ˜›

      All the very best

  2. LO

    You are just on point regarding the pulling down exercise and about the “enemy” inside us that just wants to do something else. I find myself every single day thinking and saying “I have to do this”; “I have to do that”; “I want to do this”; “I want to do that” … I am always doing!
    Really loved to read what you’ve said about it. It’s completely true!

  3. Josephine

    Thanks for sharing Alex! There’s no question the program, which involves, diet, supplement and some procedure works in due time. The special supplement formulas created by Dr. Eck is what makes the biochemistry change for the better!

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