Important additions to development programs

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Long time no post, happy new year!

Writing this mainly because there are some toolsand tips that had proven very helpful for me in my journey to good health.

These can be overlooked or disregarded because when you’re doing nb you know you are already doing the best you can possibly do.

But progress is very slow because you are healing deeply – and I’m sure you need to function at your best in the meantime..

So, what helped me and I hope will help you:

HEPA air purifier

This is quite amazing for me. Ever since I got this I started feeling way better, even though my supplement program and everything is the same. Possibly I have an allergy that I didn’t even knew about.

Dirty Electricity filter

Got one of these when I lived in the UK. I was more sensitive back then to EMFs, so I could feel instantly that the device works. I played around with it in different sockets. I still use one and I find it useful. I use this one: which is quite cheap.

Shut down Wi-Fi

This is something I’d do anytime. I’m not affected so much now but still this is not a normal and natural energy field for me.

Peroxide Implants

This is a recent addition from Dr. Wilson that I tried and find it very useful and enjoyable. I urge you to try this male or female.

Live in a detached house

I find this very useful. Living in the city center in an apartment building is very hard for me. A peaceful area, away from all the EMF and air pollution is best for me.

Pushing down

Last, do more of the pushing down exercise. You cannot do too much of it so set aside at least 30 mins and do it. Consistently.

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