Dirty Electricity or Electricity Line Noise

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This is something I’ve been testing and observing for a while, but right now even more. So Dirty Electricity seems to be something real, and not some gimmick, probably some people being more sensitive to it than others.

To find out what is it, you can find lots of articles online. Basically because of fluctuations, voltage variations, smart meters, transformers, electric appliances and more, electricity is manipulated in order to be used, and causes a spike and surges of higher frequencies that radiate out of the wiring and into your home. It creates a cage, kind of.

A factor that indicated this theory is real is when I tested with switching off electric circuits in the house, initially to try and sleep better. So switching some off made me feel better and sleep better. This had to be a clear sign that the wires in the walls and under the floors emmit some fields that are interfering with my health and my sleep.

Another interesting thing is that even if I switched the circuit off, it would still emmit something, but of lesser intensity. I suppose it is so because the Neutral for each circuit is connected to the other Neutrals. So you should test about it and if you have experience maybe check the wiring, as bad wiring creates even more fields.

Bottom line is, it seems that for me using “Dirty electricity filters” is beneficial, and without them even with my dedication to Development I still struggle to feel okay at home, when living in a more populated area. So I recommend getting 1-2 of them to test, if you have a constant uneasiness at home, tinnitus, bad sleep and such. You could also get a Dirty Electricity Meter, maybe rent one, to test out your sockets and see if the levels are high or not.

What I did is I just bought 2 of them and plugged them in, and instantly felt a bit more peaceful, a bit more quiet. I will keep testing with them, but I do believe they are helpful and accessible. Please let me know if you get one and have some feedback.

DE Filter

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