Central heating boiler dirty electricity? – advice

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I recently found something interesting, maybe it applies only to this place I live in now. I feel much better when I pull the plug, the electricity off, for the central boiler that heats the whole house. So it probably is because it creates a magnetic/electric field, possibly in combination with the water pipes spread around the house, or maybe because of the way it uses electricity it creates dirty electricity. Either way, much better feeling and sleep with the boiler out of the socket.

If my guess is correct, this applies only to central heating boilers that use water, as it’s the case in Europe. In US I know they use ducts, airflow, different systems.

Switching certain circuits helps, especially at night

Also, regarding the differences EU-US, I think US do much better in terms of dirty electricity, as the voltage used there is 110 compared to 220. From my experience, cutting off electricity from the mains socket, improves symptoms immediately – meaning I feel better instantly. So I usually use only the ones that are absolutely needed. I may consider buying an external battery so that I only turn the electricity only when needed.

If you have any comments or experience with this, please let me know.

Best wishes!

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