Blushield Anti-Emf Technology Review

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UPDATE JUNE 2019: I don’t recommend this device anymore. After some months of testing I just don’t think it’s really helpful. Although it has some effect, I don’t feel it is healthy. I’ve built a simple Faraday cage from insect mesh that seems more useful. Comment if you need instructions.

Moving from a more rural place into the big city can have a big impact in your life. Especially if you’re like me, sort of a EMF refugee, constantly running away from Wi-Fis and cell phone towers.

Because my health has been improving constantly while being on a nutritional balancing program, I took my chances and moved into the city center. Now that was a idiotic decision, I’ve realized soon after. But, if you get to read all my mumbling, you’ll see that it was just a blessing in disguise.

If you suffer from EHS, you know that the first couple of days aren’t that bad.. you can handle leaving your safe zone. Only on day 3, things start to get shaky.

I’ve made it to something like day 14… After going through my rental details. Trying to figure out how can I terminate my contract earlier.. No success. I was stuck in this flat for 6 months. I had to come up with a solution to this global problem.

Brace yourselves, 5G is coming.

After navigating the depths of the Internet, I came up with a conclusion. You can escape EMF by:

1> Running away (not possible in my situation – and probably in yours too)
2> Faraday cage – building an enclosure out of metal sheets and metal mesh
3> Some not so trustworthy-sounding devices that supposedly counteract EMF

So I had to choose from options 2 or 3. After watching Lewis’ video on EMF I learned more about option #3, he was talking about a German device called MEMON, and how he and many of his friends use it.

I did order an aluminium mesh so I could build my own Faraday cage around my bed, something like in this video here . But actually that mesh is still waiting for me to start the project because..

I ultimately ordered a Blushield device. After lots of research and much hesitation I did it. I was either doing the best investment of my life or throwing money down the toilet.

Much to my surprise.. this little cheap-looking device WORKED. I mean.. immediately after plugging in I felt this whole new energy through my body. I was regaining my power. The body was somehow listening to the frequencies of the Blushield, and not to the nearby Cell Mast or Virgin Media hotspot routers.

How come it works.. I have no idea. I suppose it generates healthy and healing frequencies.. like Hartmann? Beats me.. but I am pretty sure the harmful EMF is affecting our society as a whole. You can see it in people’s faces. I think its probably the biggest threat to our health right now.

Don’t get me wrong, getting rid of the toxic metals, getting the best nutrition and supplements is extremely important. But if you don’t pay attention to your EMF exposure especially if you’re sensitive.. you’re not going too far with your healing. You are stuck. At least I was.

So yeah, this post is basically me trying to create awareness about this Blushield device.. and maybe it will help you on making a decision. I’m not sure everybody will feel the same effects.. so you might not find it very useful. But then again you can return it and you can move on.

Good luck, and thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. LO

    Does this device really work? I mean, you are saying that it works… However, there is always that “but” regarding products like these. I always find them suspicious and being merely snake oil products. There is also the placebo effect too.

    I had never heard about it before and I found very little feedback on the Internet when searching about it, especially on those forums and groups that are very aware of EMFs… But reading it from you, you really made me interested in it. The very unfortunate part is that it costs quite some money indeed…

  2. D

    Any further updates?
    What exactly made you stop using it?
    There are not many reviews on the internet, and the research itself is kind of sketchy.
    Wondering what made you feel it was unhealthy?

    • AD

      Hi, I stopped recommending it because I am not sure about the long term effects. It does have effects, some people feel it instantly – myself included. But after some time it seems your body gets ‘used’ to the frequency of the device, and you feel it’s not so effective as before. It could be that your body recovers more and you feel it different, I don’t know. But since it’s a unnatural vibration, I cannot really guarantee about the long term effects.

      My desire is to promote only what I am 100% sure works. And I know I can say that about the development program, endomet supplements, red lamp sauna and so on. So I’ll stick to that.

      Best wishes

    • AD

      Because of your comment I just popped it in and immediately felt it’s effects: something like a “high”, it feels good, you somehow feel energized, but you aren’t able to do much, like be productive, concentrate. And it feels artificial. I don’t think that’s really useful. A development program is much more powerful in the long term and eventually will help with electromagnetic sensitivity and more.

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