Sleep with your head facing North

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This is a simple tip – but very important – to improve your sleep and general wellbeing. We can also say it helps development. I overlooked this in the past, considering it is not really that important. Other sources suggest … Continued

Not just a Nutritional Program

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There is something I’m observing a lot lately and maybe it needs to be put in words out there. This program is not just a nutritional program.. because we are not (just) our bodies. This is more like a path, … Continued

Tip: Use an Air Purifier

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I find this extremely important, and sometimes overlooked. Ideally you should get one with ozone function, as Dr. Wilson recommends. But it is possible you will find even a simple one with some HEPA filter will improve symptoms, sleep quality, … Continued

Blushield Anti-Emf Technology Review

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UPDATE JUNE 2019: I don’t recommend this device anymore. After some months of testing I just don’t think it’s really helpful. Although it has some effect, I don’t feel it is healthy. I’ve built a simple Faraday cage from insect … Continued