Start a Complete Development Program with Alexandru Dragan

Revitalize, detox and activate your true potential

We use ARL Labs USA for hair analysis and all our individualized programs are set up based on Dr. L. Wilson's work in the area of Development Science

The program consists of a recommended diet, specific Endo-Met supplements based on your hair analysis, detox procedures such as sauna and enemas and a meditation exercise

You will generally see improvements in 2-3 weeks, but you have to stick to it for 1-2 years or more to activate your full genetic potential

Nutritional Balancing Programs

The deep healing and development programs that I offer strictly respect Dr. Wilson’s work in the field of hair analysis and bio-chemical balancing. 

My name – Alexandru Dragan – is not listed anymore on 

Even so, my interpretations and supplement recommendations are based on what I learned in the last 7 years on the program and 3 years as a practitioner. This way the my interpretations and recommendations respect the same guidelines set forth by Dr. Wilson’s work.

In my life I searched quite a long time for such a path, looking for health and spiritual enlightenment. I tried lots of paths, like vegetarianism, mindfulness, other meditations, random vitamins and more.

I lost more than I found, but it was all worth it as I found what I was looking for. I was looking for this not only for my own wellness, but also because I wanted to have something of true value to offer to others.

Development Science and Nutritional Balancing proved their value again and again, and I can be relaxed knowing that what I am involved in is really beneficial for me and others.

Order your first hair test and start a program with me by clicking the button below.


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